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Воскресенье, 13 мая 2012 19:41

Softball will begin this year on Sunday, May 13.

Lights on the Field – Currently, there are several light posts in 1m3 cement blocks on the ground on the field, which outline the winter ice rink that was on the big softball field this winter. They are approximately surrounding the ‘rugby’ field that was there. These lights are not blocking play significantly, if at all, and perhaps we can move them at some point. Or more interestingly, perhaps we can use them?

Field Manager – Since Denis left us last year, we still have an opening for field manager. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Subbotnik – Evgeny and some other people have voiced an interest in having a subbotnik. They will evaluate the fields and make some suggestions. More information forthcoming.

Tuchkovo Competition – Max, Ernesto are coordinating a team to compete at Tuchkovo from 5-7 May. Please contact them for details.

New Field Construction Project – We discussed that our Rechnoi Voksal fields have been set to be tendered off for 5 years. We understand that there is a very real risk of losing our fields to play on. We agreed that we need to try and get approval to get control of our fields. We aim to convince local authorities that they should allow us to build a better public field at Rechnoi Voksal. We have identified a few key steps for our new public field construction project.

Sponsorships – We agreed that teams are not required to have sponsors. Teams should try to find sponsors, to support the new field construction project, but no team will be left out for not finding a sponsor.



League Hammer


League Sickle


Division A (top 4 from 2011)


Division C (9-12)


Caribbean Sharks




Baker & McKenzie Chupacabras


John Deere Bulldogs


Moscow Sparrows


Red, White and Awesome

deloitte glove logo 64x64



Balashikha Gastarbiters





Division B (5-8) Division D (13-16)
Drink Team tip-top-tigers-logo-2-64x64 Tip-Top Tigers
Team Japan True North / Subprime Players
moscow-pigs-softball-logo-64x64 Papa’s Pigs Beverly Hills Wildcats
 moscow-chainiki-logo-64x Moscow Chainiki Detention


All games will continue to be held on Saturday afternoons. Games are two hours. This has proven to allow enough time for completing entire games of 7 innings.

There will be two exceptions – we will play our first games on Sunday, May 13 and we will have a second game day on Sunday, June 10.

The regular season will run for 16 weeks. Playoffs will take place on 1 and 8 September. There will be some double-headers, which will enable all teams to have a weekend off or two!


  If there are teams that would prefer to have more double headers and more weekends off, please contact the league scheduler – Barry Schumaker.


  This year’s playoffs will be a single elimination. Only the top 10 teams will qualify for the playoffs. The lower ranked teams will not play in the playoffs.

New Teams

This year Jeff Weiner’s Detention makes its debut. The True North and Subprime Players will merge into a new team.

Events / Dates This Year

May 13th – Opening Day

May 19th – Kick-off Party?

June 9th (Saturday) – official workday, shall/can we play Sunday (June 10th)?

July 4th Picnic – The League will merge with the AWO to have a big picnic event. 30 June or 7 July.

July / August – All-Star Game – this event is NOT SCHEDULED due to no coordinationer for the event. Should there be a volunteer, please contact the Commissioner. Proposed idea is that the Hammer vs. Sickle Leagues compete for home-team advantage in the final Playoff game.

August 11th – Second Picnic (rainout scheduled for the following week). All teams to play games and general picnic with picnic events to be scheduled.

September 1st / 8th – Playoffs, Season Closeout Party and Awards Ceremony. Playoffs will be held at Tuchkovo. All details to be announced as they become available.

Weekly Schedule

Until the final schedule is complete and team fees are received, a weekly schedule will be made available. It will be sent out by e-mail and posted on our web-site:

Четверг, 28 апреля 2011 17:49

Правила лиги

Официальные правила Московской софтбольной лиги


Четверг, 28 апреля 2011 01:38

Сезон 2011 открывается 15 мая

Открытие нового сезона Московской софтбольной лиги состоится 15 мая, как и было объявлено раннее комиссионером лиги Джеффри Московицем.      

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