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Outfield "fence" (Idea by Alexander Kiryanov)


Poll: Outfield Fence (description of the project below)

yes, I like this idea (да, мне нравится эта идея)
6 85.7%
no, I don't (нет, мне не нравится)
1 14.3%
I don't care (все равно)
No votes 0%
Total number of voters: 7
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  • authentic
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9 years 8 months ago - 9 years 8 months ago #5267 by authentic
Here's the previously advertised proposal about the outfield fence.
Drawing attached.

Attachment outfieldnetsection.png not found

- visible homeruns
- no more ground rule doubles on almost every second good hit
- no more disputed calls on homeruns\doubles
- the ball stays in play more, more fun,
more outfield assists at the bases
- the players that can't hit homers, will be able to hit
triples and inside the park homers

- the cost (gotta make a calculation)
but should be bearable
- a bit more time to mount the fence
(i think from each team playing the 12:00 AM game
should volunteer one player to help. Otherwise automatically minus
3(5?) runs at the first inning! ;) )
- outfielders can trip\run into the fence.
(but what the heck? they know what they are doing out there.
be prepared!)
the fence is not high so given a quick look at it (and loosing the
flyball), outfielder can jump over it
- "snagging homerun after cones" rule
maybe should be revised ...

if the ball jumps over the fence, gets stuck in it - it's a double.

The fence intentionally designed in sections,
so an outfielder doesn't "destruct" all of it at collision.

If the price is right, we can start let's say
only from the small field...

The foul line ropes we can try out at the closest weekend.
(ours, not this Saturday, but the next one)

Best regards. Alexander Kiryanov.

Last edit: 9 years 8 months ago by authentic.
  • at bat
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  • Релиф питчер
9 years 8 months ago #5272 by at bat
ONE MORE PLUS: with the fence - no more stray walkers to cross the field during the games

"The last pitch, man, that was beautiful !!" (c) Pedro Cerrano #13
  • Дмитрий С.
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9 years 8 months ago #5273 by Дмитрий С.
Replied by Дмитрий С. on topic Outfield "fence" (Idea by Alexander Kiryanov)
I want to play with the fence too, but I have two considerations against it.

The main disadvantage is the time it takes to mount the fence. It takes at least 20-30 minutes to mount the fence and just as much to remove it.
Who wants to remove the nets after a hard and nervous game?
Secondly, it will be difficult to mount the fence when the teams start their batting practice.

Please be so kind to consider these comments
  • at bat
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9 years 8 months ago #5275 by at bat
That's why I propose, that a player from each team playing at 12 arrives half an hour before the game, to help mount the fence. And the same stays for dismounting, one of the players of the teams playing last game of the day, stays to help to dismount it. ;)

"The last pitch, man, that was beautiful !!" (c) Pedro Cerrano #13
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